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Umami Shiitake Donko (50g) & Salt Set

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Donko shiitake has a round shape and a large, thick cap.

It is pleasantly chewy and famous for or its rich, meaty flavor. 

Forest-grown Shiitake contains large amounts of Guanylate, which enhances the Umami of Glutamate a much more intense Umami taste. 

Shiitake is the natural Umami booster for home cooking. 

Preservation method

Store dried Shiitake mushroom at room temperature, away from heat and moisture. 

Tips for Rehydration 

For the most delicious Shiitake,  soak in cold water for 24 hours in the fridge.

To reduce soaking time, take out the Shiitake one hour after you started soaking the Shiitake, chop into small pieces, and soak for another hour and then use it as needed. 


Shiitake Salt


A simple blend of shiitake mushroom powder and flake sea salt.  Just pure umami goodness. 

EASY GIFT IDEA: Perfect unique and fun gift idea for any cook you know. This shiitake umami salt is a great gift year-round, from stocking-stuffers to grilling-season day presents. 

Try using less to reduce sodium intake & get more UMAMI flavor.