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Japanese Strawberries

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Japanese Strawberry 

Japan is said to have the highest consumption ratio of raw strawberries in the world. Therefore, competition is intense in the production areas, and new strawberry varieties are developed every year with cultivation technologies still in progress. Japanese strawberries are highly evaluated in terms of taste and quality and travelers who visited Japan from abroad are surprised at how sweet and juicy Japanese strawberries are.


Made-in-Japan Strawberries Gaining High Reputation around the World

Japanese strawberries are produced with the most leading-edge technologies in the world, in terms of new variety development and cultivation methods, and are also under strict quality control for raw consumption. 


What if you could grow delicious strawberries all year round?

Four like-minded individuals gathered in Nakashibetsu, Hokkaido to form the KT-BROS group with precisely this ambition.  They have established Thinkrich Co., Ltd., a corporation focused on farm management, in order to fulfill their ambition to grow delicious strawberries all year round, even in the face of many voices around them saying "It is absolutely impossible!"

As a result of their passion, research and development, amazing strawberries can now be harvested all year round.