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Fresh Wasabi and Grater Set

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Material: Grater body: 21-0 stainless steel / Silicone (bed plate)
Color: Matte black
Producer: Tsuboe Co Ltd
Size: 106 round x 10 mm (21-0 stainless steel plate thickness 1.5 mm) (including lid)
Weight: 126g


Name: Wasabi japonica
Description: A long-established wasabi specialty store that has been in business for 100 years in Izu and Amagi
Production area: Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Handling of wasabi

We will deliver the wasabi vacuum-packed in a refrigerated package.
Since wasabi is breathing, the vacuum might loosen and water droplets may appear in the package, but this is not a problem.
Please eat it within 3 weeks from the stated shipping date.

Preservation method

Please refrigerate wasabi.
After opening the vacuum pack, wrap it in clean, dry kitchen paper and put it in a container such as a ziplock bag.
The surface of the wasabi will gradually turn black, but you can remove these parts and eat the remainder without any problems.
The epidermis contains a lot of aroma and spiciness.

How to grate

First, cut off the stem.
Without peeling the skin, apply it vertically to the grater from the stem side and grate it in a circular motion.
Grated wasabi is volatile and will lose its aroma and spiciness over time.
Ideally, grate just before eating.