Story of Shiitake


“Coexisting with the forest”

Nestled into the base of the Kunisaki Peninsula, Oita Prefecture, the Shiitake mushroom farmer uses a traditional Japanese approach to grow sustainable Kunugi (sweet sap oak logs: Quercus) that are recognized in Japan as producing the best-tasting and textured Shiitake. 

Log shiitake are “blessing of the forest.”

They have cultivated the beautiful dried shiitake mushroom in the nature, cherishing the taste, shape, and flavor.


“100% Premium Forest-Grown Shiitake Mushrooms by natural log cultivation”

Shiitake is the natural Umami booster for cooking, letting you add rich umami flavor to a wide range of dishes. Donko shiitake has a round shape and a large, thick cap. 

One of the attractions of natural log cultivation is the subtle variations in texture and flavor between the harvest seasons. Shiitake that are picked in spring, called Haruko (Spring Season Child), spend longer absorbing nutrients from the log and consequently have a more powerful aroma and stronger flavor. Shiitake harvested in autumn called Akiko (Autumn Season Child), meanwhile, benefit from the warmer temperatures and tend to be larger, with a softer bite.

Forest-grown Shiitake contains large amounts of Guanylate, which enhances the Umami of Glutamate a much more intense Umami taste. Shiitake is the natural Umami booster for home cooking. 





Features & details

  • QUICK PREPARATION: Simply soak in warm water and use like fresh mushroom.
  • RESTAURANT QUALITY: Ideal for use in food service or in the home.
  • IMPORTED FROM JAPAN: A gourmet international specialty food product
  • PREMIUM GRADE: Produced and packed at YAMA-YA Shiitake Mushroom Farm. Store dried Shiitake mushroom at room temperature, away from heat and moisture.


“Producing quality shiitake mushrooms both time-consuming and time-critical, particularly with respect to the harvesting process.”

Oita prefecture is situated on the east coast of Kyushu facing the Seto Inland Sea and the Bungo Channel. Oita is blessed with a wealth of attractive hot spring resorts such as Beppu and Yufuin, where vapor clouds rise gracefully into the air around town. Oita provides the ideal climate for shiitake mushrooms.

An Environment that protects Sawtooth Oaks certified as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System, which harnesses the harmonious relationship between people and nature. Oita prefecture has a long association with shiitake cultivation stretching back to the early Edo period in the 17th century. Shiitake mushrooms are still cultivated today on withered stumps of Kunugi tree. The traditional method of growing shiitake bacteria is called natural log cultivation, and involves implanting the shiitake bacterium in weathered stumps of Kunugi tree. Natural log cultivation is highly susceptible to variations in ambient temperature and humidity. The shape and quality of the shiitake can be affected by just a single overnight drop in temperature or unexpected rainfall. During the harvest season, timing is critical. Just a few hours can be the difference between a good result and a bad result. Producing quality shiitake mushrooms both time-consuming and time-critical, particularly with respect to the harvesting process.