How to prepare your wasabi

This is your guide to preparing fresh wasabi paste from the wasabi rhizome. Follow the instructions below to produce an authentic, fresh wasabi paste with a naturally aromatic, floral flavour backed with the unmistakeable sweet pungency of real wasabi.

After rinsing the rhizome under cold running water, follow these easy steps to preparing your fresh wasabi.

1. Peeling is not essential but any dark patches of skin can be removed for a cleaner paste. Remove the stems as shown in the image, this will reveal the greenest, sweetest wasabi; it is here you should start to grate.

2. Using a wasabi grater, grate in a circular motion; this effectively advances the wasabi to a fine paste. Keep grating until you have as much as you need. Don’t grate too much in one go as it will lose its flavour after 15 – 20 minutes and you can always grate more.

3. We do not recommend using a normal cheese grater as you are looking to achieve a much finer paste than these are capable of producing. Wasabi graters are available to purchase from our store. 」