<<Please check this page before ordering>>

After harvesting wasabi at Izu Amagi, Wasabi will be sent to JFK by direct flight on a regular basis. Hen of The Woods Market will then manage the refrigeration and delivery.

Delivery will be by FedEx within the next day to a few days.
If you have a desired delivery date, please email us at

Prices of wasabi may fluctuate depending on the harvest status of agricultural products. Please check the price before purchasing.

If the wasabi cannot be harvested due to weather conditions, we may contact you by email and cancel the order.

How will my order be packed?

    All wasabi is packed in an insulated cardboard box with frozen gel packs to keep them fresh.

    Who will deliver my order?

      Shipping within the United States is managed by Hen of The Woods Market and delivered by FedEx.

      How long will my order take to arrive?

        All orders are shipped by FedEx and are delivered within the next day to a few days after the processing of your order.

        *Refrigerated (36°C-46°C). The Shelf Life is about 4 weeks after the date of import in the U.S.

        Who can I contact if my order hasn’t arrived in the expected timeframe?

          For all enquires regarding missing produce or delayed delivery please contact the email: