About Us


Our Concept

“History is always new.”
Producers, such as farmers and manufacturers, value and safeguard their traditions while, at the same time, continuously innovating, refining their craft and creating new products. This duality of old and new, tradition and innovation, is central to the products we select.

Our Curated Selection

We have a carefully developed method for selecting cherished gifts. This method allows us to consistently choose gifts with the highest rate of customer satisfaction.
First, every selection begins with a face to face meeting with our producers to ensure we are choosing only the best items.
Secondly, we listen to what drives them, the fundamental concepts underlying their products and the often multi-generational history of their production.
Lastly, we test all the products ourselves in order to ensure they both meet our exacting standards and are suitable as gifts.


Our aim

We carefully select and deliver the best gifts directly to your door.
Our products are intended to act as a bridge to Japan.
We introduce new and virtually undiscovered Japanese products to as wide an audience as possible.


We are proud to introduce Japan’s various food and craft cultures to the world. The rich tapestry of local products all across the country reflects the regional history and diverse culture of Japan. 
Our mission is to shine a light on these traditional methods of manufacturing and the passion of their producers.