Tsuboe's finest round grater "Maruzara"

Tsuboe's finest round grater "Maruzara"

HON METATE blades arranged in 8 direction 

In a normal HON METATE grater, the blades are arranged in two directions.The result of trial and error, they found out that for wasabi and ginger, arranging the blades in 8 directions is the best.Please enjoy the superb experience of grating! 

*"HON METATE" is a technique to make a grated blade by using a tool called a chisel with a sharp tip on a metal plate and hitting it with a mallet to dig it up one by one.


The Superb sharpness is achieved by the best number, orientation and size of blades

They change the size and number of blades depends on wasabi or ginger. For wasabi, This graeter's blades are only 0.2mm which is a challenge to the limit of METATE( raising the blade). This blades will achieve the smooth and creamy texture of wasabi.


Thoroughly giving attention to the shape and weight, not only the blade

Although it is compact, it is made of thick stainless steel, so it has a moderate weight and is easy to grate. This wasabi grater is round shape because you can grate wasabi in a circular motion. The blade is raised perfectly calculated so that it does not get in the way when you grate wasabi.


The silicon lid has 2-way function that can be used both grating and storage

The silicon lid can be used as a bed plate to prevent slippage when grating and as a cover to protect the blade and prevent dust when the grater is in storage. 

About Tsuboe

Tsuboe Co Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of metal graters with a history of over 110 years dating back to their establishment in 1907. Grating is a key aspect of Japan's unique food culture and they support this food culture by supplying a wide range of graters for purposes ranging from household use to industrial use. Their factory is located in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, a well-known region for metal tableware supplying more than 90% of domestic production.


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